Vestcor has been successful through several real estate cycles.  Over the past 40 years, Vestcor has sold 55 communities, consisting of 12,638 units.

CategoryCommunity NameLocation CityLocation State# of UnitsCompletion / Acquired DateSold Date
ConventionalArbor Club of Ponte VedraPonte VedraFlorida251Completed in 1992Sold in 2004
ConventionalArt MuseumJacksonvilleFlorida176Acquired in 1993Sold in 2001
ConventionalAuburn GlenJacksonvilleFlorida250Acquired in 1990Sold in 2004
Affordable FamilyAvery TracePort ArthurFlorida310Acquired in 2015Sold in 2018
Affordable FamilyAzalea RidgeJacksonvilleFlorida102Acquired in 1994Sold in 2015
ConventionalBay PointeJacksonvilleFlorida300Acquired in 1989Sold in 2003
ConventionalBella Vista ApartmentsSt. AugustineFlorida328Completed in 2000Sold in 2004
Affordable FamilyCamri GreenJacksonvilleFlorida184Completed in 2004Sold in 2020
ConventionalCasa GrandeJacksonvilleFlorida100Acquired in 1983Sold in 1998
ConventionalChase RidgeJacksonvilleFlorida172Acquired in 1997Sold in 2004
Affordable FamilyCourtney ManorJacksonvilleFlorida360Completed in 2000Sold in 2018
ConventionalChristopher WoodsJacksonvilleFlorida225Completed in 1987Sold in 2001
Affordable FamilyCypress OaksLeesburgFlorida140Acquired in 2013Sold in 2018
Affordable FamilyGrande Court BlandingJacksonvilleFlorida252Acquired in 2015Sold in 2018
Affordable FamilyGregory CoveJacksonvilleFlorida288Completed in 2003Sold in 2019
ConventionalHeather RidgeJacksonvilleFlorida120Acquired in 1991Sold in 2000
Luxury Senior LivingHarborChase of MandarinJacksonvilleFlorida114Completed in 2018Sold in 2022
Affordable FamilyHolly CoveJacksonvilleFlorida202Completed in 1996Sold in 2020
Affordable FamilyJordan CoveDickinsonTexas248Completed in 2001Sold in 2017
ConventionalJennifer GreenJacksonvilleFlorida120Acquired in 1991Sold in 2000
Affordable FamilyKendall CourtJacksonvilleFlorida360Completed in 1999Sold in 2015
Affordable FamilyKimberly PointeHoustonTexas228Completed in 2004Sold in 2017
Affordable FamilyLeigh MeadowsJacksonvilleFlorida304Completed in 1997Sold in 2020
Affordable FamilyLindsey TerraceJacksonvilleFlorida336Completed in 2002Sold in 2018
Affordable FamilyLogan HeightsSanfordFlorida360Completed in 2001Sold in 2017
Affordable FamilyMadelyn OaksJacksonvilleFlorida360Acquired in 2015Sold in 2018
Affordable / WorkforceMadison ManorJacksonvilleFlorida160Completed in 2006Sold in 2023
Affordable FamilyMandalyn LandingPalm BayFlorida304Completed in 1999Sold in 2015
ConventionalMandarin LanaiJacksonvilleFlorida120Acquired in 1986Sold in 2002
Affordable FamilyMatthew RidgeHoustonTexas240Completed in 2003Sold in 2016
Affordable FamilyMayfair VillageJacksonvilleFlorida83Acquired in 1992Sold in 2008
Affordable FamilyNoah's LandingNaplesFlorida264Completed in 2002Sold in 2018
ConventionalNorthwoodJacksonvilleFlorida160Acquired in 1990Sold in 2000
ConventionalOakridgeJacksonvilleFlorida56Acquired in 1992Sold in 2002
ConventionalOaks at TimiquanaJacksonvilleFlorida228Acquired in 1993Sold in 2002
ConventionalPortofinoJacksonvilleFlorida320Completed in 1996Sold in 2007
Affordable FamilyRavenwoodJacksonvilleFlorida112Acquired in 1986Sold in 1998
Student HousingResidence Hall at Florida Polytechnic Phase IILakelandFlorida150Completed in 2016Sold in 2023
Affordable FamilyRiley ChaseNorth PointeFlorida312Completed in 2001Sold in 2009
ConventionalRiver ParkJacksonvilleFlorida168Acquired in 1993Sold in 1999
Affordable FamilyRyan OaksJacksonvilleFlorida132Completed in 2005Sold in 2018
ConventionalSemoran NorthOrlandoFlorida348Acquired in 1991Sold in 2007
Student HousingThe Flats at Campus PointeCharlotteNorth Carolina99Completed in 2012Sold in 2019
Student HousingThe Flats at Carrs HillAthensGeorgia138Completed in 2013Sold in 2015
Student HousingThe Flats at KernanJacksonvilleFlorida192Completed in 2008Sold in 2014
Student HousingThe Flats at Mallard CreekCharlotteNorth Carolina131Completed in 2011Sold in 2019
Luxury Senior LivingThe Grove at CanopyTallahasseeFlorida118Completed in 2019Sold in 2022
ConventionalThe LandingAltamonte SpringsFlorida282Acquired in 1993Sold in 1994
Affordable FamilyThomas ChaseJacksonvilleFlorida268Completed in 2004Sold in 2020
ConventionalTimbersJacksonvilleFlorida160Completed in 1986Sold in 2004
ConventionalTivoli at DeerwoodJacksonvilleFlorida400Completed in 2002Sold in 2005
ConventionalTraVani I&IISarasotaFlorida488Completed in 2002Sold in 2005
Affordable FamilyTuscan IsleNaplesFlorida298Acquired in 2014Sold in 2018
ConventionalVillanovaOrlandoFlorida312Completed in 2000Sold in 2005
ConventionalWestland ParkJacksonvilleFlorida405Completed in 1989Sold in 1997
Total Communities55Total Units12638